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It may seem I am with the "hype" of natural and organic products because it is all people are talking about.  However for me, Marince Sanchez, owner of Ocean's Natural, it is not.  A couple of years ago, I began working side gigs cleaning commercially and residentially and the mainstream cleaning products I was using were causing horrible reactions. I will name none because I think you know the products I am talking about.  I had horrible headaches and my nose would burn horribly from the cholorine, one of the main ingredients in Clorox, whoops sorry for calling you out there.  I felt however, there was no other alternative to true cleaning.  I was so wrong.  I started doing research on tons of mainstream products and found toxic chemicals in lots of them.  I found this awesome site ewg.org that allowed me to find different ratings on cleaning products, and all of the known side effect & risks to the ingredients in the products. I began making my own products but then I became a mother, and my responsibilities grew and so I needed to find something I could trust.  Though there are many household cleaning products on the market claiming to be natural, their ingredients say the contrary.  I am now using products I feel safe to use in my own home and around my own children.  I have finally decided to take on the challenge and start my own business and help those who are wanting clean homes with clean products.  

Find out what's in your household products and what The Environmental Working Groups rates it as:


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